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• Portable, lightweight design

• Color changing night light

• Whisper quiet

• 2 mist modes

• 150 mL water tank

• Water reservoir window

• Leak-proof design

• USB powered (cord included)

• Dimensions: 2.16" x 2.12" x 7.0"


SKU: AEH0001W0O006000
  • Our Drop Light Humidifier can go anywhere! Small, portable design is perfect for travel, hotels, bedrooms, or home office. Runs on USB (cord included). Choose from two mist modes: continuous or intermittent mist. Water tank holds 150 mL of water. Window in water reservoir lets you see when water is low. Color changing night light rotates through 7 different colors when on.


    The TREVA Rechargeable Drop Light Humidifier

    Convenient portability. Wherever you need it.

  • small size big benefit

    When I opened the package and saw how really small this humidifier was I was shocked.  I thought there was no way it could be any good.  How wrong I was.  The amount of mist that it puts out is amazing.  And the changing colors are really nice.  It can be run with the cord plugged in or on the battery.  I will run around 7 hours on one tank of water.


    Breathe Easy!!!

    This is nice next to my bed. It puts out a light mist and moistens the air. It is quiet and easy to move. The changing colors make a nice night light. If you leave it intermittent, it goes through the night. It makes me breathe a little easier and my plants love it!!!


    works like a pro

    Thé Treva USB Drop Light Humidifier with Light is is innovative, useful, multi-functional, and attractive in a compact unit. You can carry it easily. It comes with a USB cable. The humidifier holds 150ml of water and can be set in a. dark mode (will last for about eight house. Or for continuous (about five hours). It also has seven color night light which is my favorite feature. I took it to next to my bed and between the comfortable mist and soft color changes, I was lulled in a lovely sleep. By the way, there is an automatic shutoff.

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