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  • RECHARGABLE BATTERY: This Treva Fan comes with a powerful rechargeable battery so there is no need for batteries or wires. Just charge and use, or take it with you wherever you're headed. The fan will run 3-5 hours depending on the fan speed. Micro USB charging cord included.
  • MULTIPLE FAN SPEED OPTIONS: This body fan comes with four speed for multi-level cooling. From a light breeze to a strong wind that reaches up to 6 feet you're covered for all your personal cooling needs with Treva.
  • ADJUSTABLE FAN HEAD: Our multi-use fan has an adjustable grill that moves 90 degrees allowing for a horizontal to vertical airflow. It also allows you to conveniently place it in an area that fits your needs. The air will get to you regardless.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTION: With its shape and functionality it can be used for all occasions. Use it as a makeup fan, desk fan, cool yourself off on a picnic outing and so much more. Perfectly sized to fit under a bathroom or kitchen cabinet.
  • LONG LASTING BUILD: Our specialty fan is made from long lasting and highly durable plastic ensuring that it will last you a long time. It's durable enough to be taken with you wherever you go, and the battery is capable of charging over and over again!


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