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  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Two-speed operation
  • Fan head rotates and pivots to direct airflow
  • Heavy duty clip with rubberized grips
  • Battery operated (4-AA batteries, not included)
  • Battery Run Time: 14 hours (low) 11 hours (high)
  • Dimensions: 6.70" x 2.40" x 12.60"


SKU: FC0500500E004TRE
  • The TREVA 5" CLIP FAN is perfect for indoor or outdoor cooling needs. For use on picnic tables, ladders, golf carts, beach chairs, in the car, on headboards, strollers and more! The heavy-duty clip allows you to attach fan to any stable surface up to 1.5” thick. Fan head rotates and pivots to direct airflow anywhere you needed it. Compact, lightweight design make it great for travel and easy to store.


    The TREVA 5” CLIP FAN.

    Convenient portability. Wherever you need it.

  • Great power and strong clip!

    I actually used this when giving birth to my daughter and clipped it to the hospital bed so I wasn’t sweating. It worked really well and kept me cool. For a little fan, it actually packed a good amount of power. It was nice that I could control the power as well. Believe it or not, the hospital itself used this exact brand too!


    Awesome product

    Perfect fan ! My sons room gets really warm because he is always in there gaming. I got him this fan to help. He told me it is great and he loves that he can clip it to his monitor. 

    I definitely recommend this product !



    Perfect for the ball field

    This fan is freeking amazing. All 3 of my kids play outdoor sports and we live in northern california. It gets very hot and some parks dont have shade. Umbrells only block the sun. This lil fan clipped perfectly to the pole of the umbrella. I stayed cool all weekend. It did have to be charged between game 3 and 4 but it was a long day. This thing saved me.


    Cool summer

    Treva 5" Battery Powered Clip Fan is my new favorite accessory for the hot days. This fan is absolutely perfect for outside events in the heat. It is small enough to carry around with you. My son's play football so we are outside in the heat 4 days a week and on Saturdays for their games we are outside from 11am to 4 or 5pm. I bring my camping chair and the fan clips on the arm of it and keeps me cool the whole time we are out there. The clip is very strong and you can adjust the fan to your liking. It is also great for clipping onto your desk at home or in the office. It has 2 settings on it and takes batteries. Like I've said I use it 4 times a week outside and sometimes my husband uses it while on the computer and the battery lasted 3 weeks! I have recommended this fan to multiple football Mom's and they have bought it and are very happy with it.

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