Treva 10" Fan Named One of's 5 Best Battery-Operated Fans For Home & Travel

Updated: Feb 1

Rachael Green of Bustle named our 10" Basic Battery Operated Fan to their list of top 5 fans for home and travel! She says, "Weighing less than 2 pounds and sporting a convenient built-in handle, this battery-operated folding fan from Treva is a great pick for your outdoor adventures or travels. The foldable design helps it fit easily into a bag but also gives you the ability to adjust the fan head by tilting it to just the right angle. She even cited an Amazon reviewer who agrees: “It's great for traveling; I fold it up and fit it in my backpack with clothes and toiletry bag for a night or two. Even if the place I'm staying has electricity, sometimes the outlets aren't available or near the bed, so being able use battery is great even outside a camping situation. It's stronger when plugged in vs using batteries, but still decent on the batteries.” Read the full article at, or purchase our 10" Basic Battery Operated Fan here!